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Friday, July 28, 2017

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Afghanistan is no one's war

"There is no reason to feel hopeful or idealistic about anyone’s role in Afghanistan. Afghanistan and Iraq are neither wars in the traditional sense nor humanitarian projects. They are foreign occupations of people who do not want to occupied. The idea that you can successfully occupy a hostile land into peace remains a delusion of consultants on big expense accounts in Washington. Just ask Israel nearly four decades after the Six Day War."


Why American Liberalism is Impossible

"Liberalism is impossible in America because most of the elements of this definition are missing."


Terror in Toronto or Tempest in a Teapot?

"The press loves turning to someone resembling authority at such times for incisive comments, so mysterious "terror experts" suddenly are everywhere on Canada’s airwaves. God, they seem to have descended like a great ugly flock of grief counselors, another questionable kind of expert, following a school killing."


Energy For The New Millennium

"The introduction of space solar energy into the United States economy and its ultimate adoption by other countries would do much to reverse the harm caused to our fragile planet by industrialization, and it could save all of us from the threatening effects of global warming."


The Trap

"It is said that a clever person knows how to get out of a trap that a wise person would not have walked into in the first place. But when a person enters a trap with open eyes, one can only hope that he knows how to get out - and at least keep one's fingers crossed for him."


A Peaceful Political Evolution

"If we simple voters are smart enough to earn a living and to figure out how to pay our taxes, if we have courage enough to fight the wars started by our government, we are also entitled to collectively establish basic policy to guide our government, and to personally write in the name of whomever we consider most qualified to effectuate our policies."


Who's the dog? Who's the tail?

"The findings of the two professors are right to the last detail. Every Senator and Congressman knows that criticizing the Israeli government is political suicide. Two of them, a Senator and a Congressman, tried - and were politically executed. The Jewish lobby was fully mobilized against them and hounded them out of office. This was done openly, to set a public example. If the Israeli government wanted a law tomorrow annulling the Ten Commandments, 95 Senators (at least) would sign the bill forthwith."


This George Is No Washington

"George Washington was the Father of His Country. George W. Bush could be the Destroyer of His Country. To preserve our freedoms, America must return to the ideology upon which the United States was founded, and Americans must demand that our elected leaders adhere to those ideals."


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