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Friday, July 28, 2017

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Tsunami, Humanity and the Saga of Canadian Documentary on "Terrorism" Myth

"Logic seeks truth and opinions cherish propaganda. If the CBC was serious to represent the truth, it could have arranged a meeting with Momin at the Detention Center rather than crossing over the North Atlantic channel to ask people who had no knowledge of Momin, nor of the issues raised in the officially mandated inquiry, probably paid out of the budgeted 10 billion sanctioned to the National Safety and Security Services."


Enlightened Moderation or Intelligent Deception: New Tools for Imperial Goals

"His clamor for “change” in Islamic societies is equally over simplified and emotionally charged. In fact by displaying his frustration over the slow pace of “changes”, Mills sounds no different from the likes of notorious Orientalist Scholars bent on “modernizing” Islam."


Cultural Coolies "Rocking the Casbah:" Review of Newsweek Feature (Dec. 20, 2004)

"Contrary to allegations in the Newsweek piece, women in Islam are not inferior to men."


What the US Can Never Do

"The lesson of history and solution is pretty simple and straight forward: The US has to withdraw. It has no option but to end all its direct and indirect occupations."


"Some suggestions to risk taking moderate Muslims"

"Islam doses not need to be reformed so that it will not be squandering the talents of women the fully half of God’s creation, because Islam already gives equal rights to the women thousands of years ago. If women are still abused then it’s the fault of the fanatic followers, not the true teachings of Islam."


Is 'Free' Speech a Product of Secular Intolerance?

"Secularism has no sacred values other than their material interests; therefore, they are happy to lower the level of discussion using abusive language to all areas and only restrict criticisms to their defined areas of interest."


Lost on the last mile

The US with its war machine, and a whole lot of lies behind it, can only — repeat only — de-motivate and make others prefer death over living tied to the visible leash of Lindy England in Abu Gharib torture centre or to the invisible leashes of Paul Bremer and others in Baghdad, Kabul, Islamabad and Cairo.


This is Why the US has Re-Elected Bush

"Muslims had always protected the Jews in history; they were given protection by the Ottoman whilst being butchered in Catholic Spain with the blessing of the Pope. Pogroms, ritual slaughter of Jews in Easter and Gas chambers were the creation of Christian Europe not the tolerant Islamic world."


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