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Saturday, July 22, 2017

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Asia Pacific

On Iran, Force Is No Option

"Washington's move to acknowledge India's nuclear status and opt for nuclear cooperation would have been a wise move had it covered Pakistan, the other nuclear power as well. But the fact that Israel and India are considered ‘kosher’ nuclear states compared to Pakistan reinforce the reality of a selective global non-proliferation policy."


Gazans finally win, but their tormentors get all the attention

What does the State of Israel stand to gain by pulling its troops and settlers from the Gaza Strip? A lot. It will become "more Jewish, more compact, more secure and defensible and more at peace" with itself.

-- Toronto Star editorial


Excusing tyranny breeds distrust and violence

"Supporting dictators belies 'progress' on democracy and human rights."


Running On Fumes: A Journey to the End of Empire

"Our lies (personal and collective) have grown so enormous in order to shield the increasingly obvious from our anxious minds."


Baltimore Shows its Solidarity with Cindy Sheehan!

"A rally in solidarity with Cindy Sheehan’s Crawford, Texas’s “Vigil” was held in Baltimore, MD, on August 17, 2005. Sharon Ceci of the “All Peoples Congress,” said, “Sheehan has touched a nerve with people across the country.” Renee Washington told me her daughter is in the US Army, and she prays that she doesn’t go to Iraq. “I didn’t raise her to kill anyone,” she said. Activist Virginia Rodino stated, “The Iraqi War was based on a pack of lies!”


Blaming the Antiwar Messengers

"Such poisonous sludge is now pouring out of some mass media -- and we should expect plenty more in response to a growing antiwar movement."


Time to Streamline Burdensome Airport Security

"These are the people—especially members of Congress, who make laws governing airline security, and Cabinet officials, who propose such changes in law and make new regulations governing such matters—who should experience what the rest of us have to go through when we go to the airport. Despite TSA’s short-term effort to reduce the public’s security burden to save itself from bureaucratic oblivion, giving VIPs a free pass may eventually lead to even more over-the-top security measures, especially after the next terrorist scare."


Muslim self-rule is the answer

"The Western form of government is a product of an attitude of human mind, whereby people become oblivious to the spiritual dimension of existence and concentrate on the material world."


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