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Friday, July 28, 2017

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Bush Launches 'Operation Cindy Sheehan'

"This is not about left or right or center. It’s about the truth and accountability. It’s about the democratic process that Bush claims to champion abroad. We need a little demonstration of his commitment to democracy right here in America. George Bush has an obligation to provide Citizen Sheehan with credible answers as to why 15,000 American soldiers have been killed and wounded in Iraq. We need to remind those in high office that they work for us and we have every right to question their job performance."


Nuclear Nonproliferation - Case of North Korea and Iran :: A Critical Appraisal ::

"Unlike Pyongyang, which has withdrawn from the nonproliferation treaty, Tehran remains within the agreement, which permits civilian nuclear development, but prohibits weapons production."


Theatre surrounding the Gaza retreat

"The settlers’ violence reveals one trait in the character of Zionist colonialism: a commitment to dogmas of denial of the "Other" and to a "culture of aggression." Settler violence even finds religious justification in calls for vigilante actions and unrestrained vengeance by rabbis and spiritual masters. The tomb of Baruch Goldstein, who massacred 29 Palestinians at the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron in February 1994, has become a pilgrimage site. A rabbi has also published a pamphlet honouring his inhuman act."


How We Left Gaza

"Over the years we have become accustomed to the idea that “US. pressure” means declarations that have no muscle behind them. But suddenly the words have acquired new meaning. When the U.S. really does exert pressure, no Israeli leader would dare defy its injunctions (and certainly not Netanyahu). And so we have pulled out of Gaza. If the U.S. continues to lose ground in Iraq, maybe we will be forced to pull out of the West Bank as well."


Israeli Settler Violence Exposes Jewish Fundamentalism

"If anyone has ever deluded themselves into thinking that Israeli violence is simply a reaction to Palestinian violence, they are now seeing the truth before their eyes."


Diary of a Madman :: Excerpts from important new documents ::

The following passages were assembled from shredded paper found in an American National Archives dumpster by the Iranian Ambassador. A team of the country's best rug craftsmen is said to be working full-time on puzzling out the complete text. While some portions of this first batch could not be separated from dried globs resembling half-digested pretzels and spattered root beer, much remains legible. Authenticity, while not established, seems likely since the paper bears White House watermarks. The text appears to have been transcribed from recordings with much of the President's special flair for language suppressed, although there is a hand-written note about not making him sound like some "Eastern puke."


An Israeli Visiting the Deheishe Refugee Camp

What is it like to visit a Palestinian refugee camp? What does one see? What will people there tell you as you wander around?

This is what I wanted to know when I decided two weeks ago to pay a visit to Deheishe.


The Neo-cons Never Accounted for the Cindy Sheehans of America

"Empires are never benevolent enterprises. Empires are expressions of force, usually for reasons of accumulating wealth and power. Empires take lives from their own citizens and from those they rule."


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