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Friday, July 28, 2017

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Apologists for Iraqi War Going Bonkers

Ann Coulter is the Madame Defarge of the looney Right. She recently thrust her needle into Cindy Sheehan, accusing her of “engaging in Stalinist agitprop outside of President Bush’s Crawford ranch.” Then, the obviously unstable Robert Novak wrongly labeled supporters of Sheehan’s vigil as “extreme antiwar demonstrators.” As lies about the war are exposed and opposition to it grows, apologists for the Bush-Cheney Gang are collectively going bonkers.


When Tyranny is Law

"Even a cursory analysis reveals that the main target of the proposed terror laws is the basic principles that ensure justice and fairness. Principles such as "due process,” “no crime without intent,” “innocent until proven guilty,” “habeas corpus,” “no self-incrimination,” “no ex post facto laws,” “the right to counsel,” “the right to remain silent,” “the right to see the evidence that incriminates” and “the right to confront one's accusers" are the first victims of these laws. These principles are the target because without doing away with them, acts such as racial profiling would be impossible and without that, singling out Muslims would not be easily legitimized in the public eyes."


This Was The Day

"Not the beginning of the end in the struggle for peace, but certainly the end of the beginning."


How to get out of Iraq - An Open Letter to President Bush

"...being a born-again Christian, you know that Christ taught, "Blessed are the peacemakers."


"Ignore Cindy Sheehan"

"The Bushvolk are not really thinking about Cindy Sheehan, and, true to The Code of the West, they are not even criticizing her, surely a First for an administration known to vilify its opponents, whether Democrat or Republican."


What Does the Administration's Leaked Mea Culpa on Iraq Portend?

"The United States began its occupation of Germany and Japan sixty years ago, yet large U.S. military bases remain in those countries today. Does anyone really believe the Americans will walk away from their mega-bases in Iraq just because the Iraqis want the Yankees to go home? Why, that would spoil the big plan, wouldn’t it? The pretext, it now appears, is dispensable, but the plan most likely is not."


"Seek Ye The Martyrs among The Living"

"...while Sharon lives, his dream of a Greater Israel is slowly dying. He killed it. Sharon has slowly come to accept his own death, and the inevitable death of his dreams. Only such a stark awareness could compel him to betray his settlers. That is why I believe he has seen and accepted the death of his dreams, and that is why he withdrew from Gaza."


Iraq: Another fake Islamic state in the making

"The Caliphate is not a theocracy where God’s chosen representative implements God’s law upon the subjects. Nor is it a dictatorship or a monarchy where authority and law-making reside exclusively with the dictator or monarch. It shares some resemblance with democracy in that the people to elect and account the ruler exercise authority. But differs greatly from the democratic state, which bestows the power of law making to parliament or congress as opposed to God."


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