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Friday, July 28, 2017

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Why Pat Robertson isn't treated as a terrorist

"At the very least, Robertson should be charged under hate-speech laws. But such laws are weak in the United States, and many Americans fear the idea of hate-speech laws. So radio and television broadcasters continue spewing hate and dishonest claims in the exalted name of free speech."


Revisiting Jammu and Kashmir

"The true beneficiaries of the peace process to be considered are the populace of the LoC. For decades, they had to face the brunt of LoC-related violence, destroying their homes, livestock and normal life. Over 200,000 people were displaced along the LoC. Now they have retuned to their homes and are struggling to restart a peaceful life. This is one great reason for, and outcome of, the ceasefire between India and Pakistan."


Blame Vulture Capitalism, not God, for Pat Robertson!

"Religious fundamentalism is one of the evils that is menacing the world. The Rev. Pat Robertson, who wants the U.S. to kill Venezuela's President, Hugo Chavez, is an example of that madness. Another fundamentalist ideology, however, which goes mostly unnoticed, is “Vulture Capitalism!” It is a religion for many fanatics who worship Money as a God. Unchecked “Vulture Capitalism” poses the greatest threat to our planet and humankind."


As goes the neo-con agenda, so goes Bush

"It’s not too late for President Bush to turn his numbers around. The man that we see periodically on our television screens, saying, "stay the course" is the same George W. Bush that we trusted in November. The only difference is that he has temporarily lost his voice to the sounds of mother’s sobbing over the deaths of their children."


Mubarak embarrassed as more Egyptians boycott election

"The evangelical groups that have strong influence on the Bush administration will not allow a way to emerge for an ‘Islamic takeover', even if Bush wanted to do so. Removing the background control of Egyptian politics by the military might also lessen or undo Cairo's subservience to Washington. Bush and Mubarak have similar interests in this respect, and are likely to confer privately on how best to create a false impression of reform that can satisfy public opinion."


The hard realities in the Valley

"...the reality in Kashmir is that political leadership has been discredited and people have lost faith in them. Secondly, Kashmiris desperately look for an indigenous leadership capable of representing their true sentiments, aspirations and interests, besides having the guts to say 'no' to key regional powers."


Suddenly, This summer....

"I saw NO objective mainstream media (MSM) coverage of Sheehan's vigil. Those forced to acknowledge that something of historical magnitude was gathering steam were very careful to "balance" a 10-second Sheehan sound byte with interminable interviews with those who condemned Sheehan for not supporting the troops in a time of war. It's easy for those who get their news from US state-controlled corporate media to get the impression that Sheehan is an "activist mom," that she is little more than an "anti-war advocate" who is being used by left-wing political groups for their ideological advantage."


A Case for Ethics

"Today’s individual frustration in a seemingly moral, but uncaring society to a great extent may be the cause for man having a problem with the true meanings of morals and ethics. The implication of the not knowing or the not-acknowledging of man’s true inner feelings threatens man’s mental health and impairs loving oneself."


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