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Friday, July 28, 2017

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Asia Pacific

Kashmir and the US Priorities in the Region

"Washington regards global non-proliferation regime as an important policy objective. It defused the Kargil crisis and the post-December 2001 confrontation because it did not want a nuclear confrontation to break out in South Asia. In this backdrop US will only mediate in ways that suit its perceived short-term interests vis-à-vis India and Pakistan, as distinct from the interests of the South Asian peoples, or in particular, Kashmiris."


Turkey is no exception when it comes to terrorism

"US involvement in Iraq and the American strategic alliance with the Iraqi Kurds strengthen the PKK's belief in the inevitability of a row between the US and Turkey. The temporary freeze in bilateral relations in the aftermath of the Turkish Parliament's decision not to allow the stationing of US troops on Turkish soil in March 2003 could also be taken as support for this thesis."


Money for Nothing, or Worse

"...what the Wall Street Journal’s editors see as a cause for celebration may be instead a reason for righteous indignation, or even for joining your neighbors in taking up pitchforks and heading for the District of Columbia to clean out those Augean stables."


Will the PKK renounce violence?

"Neither the US military nor the Iraqi Kurds are willing to act against the PKK, with the former choosing to focus its energies on the insurgency and the latter viewing PKK members as fellow Kurds to be sheltered. Could the PKK come to peace of its own accord?"


Let Freedom Ring

"ABC Radio should be applauded for understanding that misusing speech to violate the First Amendment rights of others is immoral, harmful to society and does not fall within the realm of responsible speech. It is the hopes of those who desire to see the flame of freedom burning brightly in the hearts of all peoples that other media outlets begin to understand that freedom is not the sole domain of those behind their microphones and keyboards."


Reverend Robertson was just trying to save Taxpayer Money

"...when Pat Robertson talks about political assassinations, he is just being practical and pragmatic and godly all at the same time."


To Hell With Muslim Terrorism

"In fact, Pope Benedict's August 21, 2005 address to Muslim leaders in Germany is no less than the bull of Pius II, in which he announced a new Crusade shortly after ascending the throne of St. Peter, in 1458. There are very strong reasons for that."


Issues Around the Gaza Withdrawal

"...if Ariel Sharon is willing to demonstrate that he intends to undo the other wrongs: West Bank, Negev, Jerusalem and deal with the refugee question - then peace is plausible and possible."


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