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Friday, July 28, 2017

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Bill O'Reilly Wants to Suppress Abu Ghraib Evidence

"The ACLU is fighting in court for the release of all evidence that might tie high level policy makers to the Abu Ghraib torture scandal. The Pentagon said the release of that evidence will “increase the likelihood of violence” against U.S. troops. Fox News’ Chickenhawk, Bill O’Reilly, agrees that it is not only unpatriotic to do so, but that it would “help the jihadists.” He also smeared CBS, NBC and the NY Times for supporting the ACLU’s legal position."


Theology Key to Halting Rise of Extremism

"Those mostly young people who adopt extremist ideas cannot be bribed back to moderation by the pleadings of those whom they neither respect nor believe. They will only accept arguments founded in Islamic law and delivered by those with real spiritual authority."


Israel, the land of miracles

"Israel must find the courage and foresight to change these inhuman laws incarcerating innocent citizens."


Joint Military Exercises of China and Russia (Peace Mission 2005): Geo-political and Geo-strategic Implications

"It is the lesson of all the ancient civilizations and modern international politics that “Peace” can only be obtained through “Aggression” and “Might” not by sermons of isolation, anti-war stance, and the last not the least of having true spirits of friendship. Due to the dawn of globalization of finances & economies and computer based revolution has made our world a connected place especially after the 9/11 where, geo-political and geo-strategic concerns of the different countries pose a serious threat to others main stakeholders."


Bush elects to smear and dodge Cindy Sheehan

"Every American should be concerned with the ‘precedent’ of a commander in chief who refuses to disclose his rationale for invading a foreign country. The Bush administration’s ‘style’ of governance is all about evading legitimate inquiries and smearing any dissenter who dares to challenge their dismal performance."



"Both Pakistan and Bangladesh (and other countries) must work together to ensure that money-launderers are not allowed to run riot."


Will News Media Help Bush Exploit the 9/11 Anniversary Again?

"The fourth anniversary will provide the Bush administration with plenty of media opportunities to wrap itself in the 9/11 shroud and depict Iraq war critics as insufficiently committed to defending the United States. A renewed attempt to justify the war as a resolute stand against terrorism is well underway."


Neither paranoia nor Israelization

"By adopting Israeli policies of "pre-emptive strikes" which justifies the killing of suspected "terrorists", Tony Blair's government displays gross disregard for core principles which underpin civilised values. "


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